Review: Diversity and Change in Modern India

« Les mutations de la société indienne », La Vie des idées, 16 mars 2011

Review by Roland Lardinois

Antony F. Heath et Roger Jeffery (dir.), Diversity and Change in Modern India. Economic, Social and Political Approaches, The British Academy, Oxford University Press, 2010

« L’ouvrage édité par Antony Heath et Roger Jeffery offre une vue d’ensemble des transformations de la société indienne. Dominé par les contributions d’économistes et de politistes, il reflète l’état des sciences sociales en Inde, où la sociologie peine à se développer pleinement. »





Book: ICTs and Social Change

Ashwani Saith, M. Vijayabaskar, V. Gayathri, ICTs and Indian Social Change. Diffusion, Poverty, Governance, New Delhi, Sage Publications, 2008

“This book is the first of its kind in putting together the optimistic voices of techno-idealists, critical social science perspectives on technology and a range of empirical material on the impacts of ICTs on the lives of people via its diffusion in the urban and rural spaces of work, consumption, e-governance and the new kinds of social identities it has fostered in India.

This volume views the diffusion of ICTs in India primarily from the socio-cultural realm. It provides an empirical and theoretical critique of some of the important premises that undergird these initiatives and brings together the voices of innovators in the ICT for development domain. It opens up an entire arena for dialogue between activists, technocrats, bureaucrats and academia on using ICTs to deliver development.”