Books: Indian Institutes of Technology

Shashi K. Gulhati, The IITs: Slumping or Soaring, New Delhi, Macmillan, 2006

“Many parents dream that their child will go to study at an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and thereafter be a great success. IITs and success are viewed as synonymous because IIT alumni have amply established this link. Will the IITs continue to graduate winners? Can we expect more – will they generate knowledge to make India a leader in the new knowledge economy? Or, have the IITs enjoyed their day of glory and are now slumping? If so, can we arrest the slump and get them soaring? The IIT system is under massive strain: its autonomy is being eroded, its physical infrastructure is wearing thin; laboratories are getting out-dated; faculty is depleting; and the competition for admission is pushing aspirants into an unhealthy grind. IITs fortunately have a major strength in their alumni – they want to see their alma mater excel. The book considers each threat and suggests the way forward. It calls for major changes in how to select students, attract the best to join as faculty and, most important, proposes a new governance system with diminished role for Government and an enhanced one for the alumni. The time to chart out a new course is now! The advantage to be reaped is enormous!! The nation cannot afford to let the IITs slump!!!”

See Also:

Rohit Manchanda, Monastery, Sanctuary, Laboratory: 50 years of IIT Bombay, New Delhi, Macmillan Publishers India, 2008

E.C.Subbarao, An Eye for Excellence. Fifty Innovative Years of IIT Kanpur, New Delhi, Harper Collins, 2008

Sandipan Deb, The IITians: The Story of a remarkable Indian Institution and How its Alumni are Reshaping the World, New Delhi, Viking Penguin India, 2003

Rangan Banerjee and Vinayak P. Muley, Engineering Education in India, Bombay, IIT Bombay, 2008. Available here.

Narayana Jayaram, “Toward World-Class Status? The IIT System and IIT-Bombay”, in Philip G. Altbach and Jalmi Salmi (eds), The Road to Academic Excellence. The making of World-Class Research Universities. Washington, The World Bank, 2011. Available here.

Roli Varma, and Deepak Kapur, “Access, Satisfaction, and Future: Undergraduate Education at the Indian Institutes of Technology”, Higher Education 59: 703-717, 2010. Available here.

Ross Bassett, “Aligning India in the Cold War Era: Indian Technical Elites, the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, and Computing in India and the United States”. Technology and Culture 50: 783-810, 2009. Available here.

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